Aenaon Apartments, Nafplio - Nafplion, A'Napli, Nauplion, Nauplie, Nauplio

However it may be written, Nafplion is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and the Bourtzi castle in the harbour is one of the most photographed castles in Greece!

A popular destination, Nafplion is busy all year round with both foreign and Greek tourists visiting the area for holidays and weekends. The city has a magical atmosphere and it draws tourists back again and again, there never seems quite enough time to enjoy everything.

Stroll around the old town, take in Syntagma Square (Constitution Square), the narrow streets with their Venetian style balconies overhanging the array of gift shops & restaurants and along the harbour lined with cafeteries and tavernas. The cafes turn into bar after sunset and the natural turn of events is enjoyed by all ages until the small hours.

Visit the excellent museums of Nafplio, the Archaeological museum which has recently been refurbished and houses many rare finds from the local archaeological sites, the Miitary museum, the Folklore museum full of traditional dress through the ages of Greece, the one of a kind Ouzo museum of Karonis (just a few minutes from Aenaon Rooms) and even a Worry Bead museum.

The Palamidi Castle towers over the whole city and covers the best part of the hill on which it sits, the Acronafplia Castle and Bourtzi castles sit guard over the harbour and all have much to offer to people interested in history. Visit the church of Agios Sprydonas where the famous rebel leader Kolokotronis was executed and not to be forgotten Ancient Tiryns (Tiryntha) which is situated just 5 minutes from Nafplion Centre.

Karathona is a lush sandy beach located close to Aenaon Rooms. A well set up beach with many amenities and cafeteries Karathona beach is a favourite with locals and visitors - it is one of the only beaches in the Argolida which earns the Blue Flag each year. The other beach in nafplion is named Arvanitia and is the 'city' beach. The walk from the harbour around the cliffs to Arvanitia is stunning with gergeous views of the sea.

Nafplion is a great destination all year round, each season giving its own charm and it is the magical city that is once visited and oftened returned to!