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The Peloponnese is well known in world history for the major role it played in Greek history, most people have heard of the Peloponnesian War and the Peloponnesian League. It was in Crete and the Peloponnese that the rebelion took place during the Turkish occupation of Greece with the headquarters of the chiefs being in the Arcadian mountain villages of the Peloponnese.

The Peloponnese covers a huge expanse of land south of Athens and is separated fromn the mainland by the Corinth Canal. It is made up of seven prefectures, Argolida, Arcadia, Corinthia, Messinia, Achaia, Lakonia & Elia. Each of the counties has its own character, some more mountainous than others taking in some of the high mountain range that splits the Peloponnese down the middle. With its wonderful natural beauty the Peloponnese offers forests, lush beaches and coves all around its perimeter ideal for mooring small boats, fishing and swimming.

The archaeological sites and historical monuments in the Peloponnese are too many to mention - the most famous being: the site of Ancient Olympia (home of the Olympica Games), Mycenae & the Theatre of Epidavros in the Argolida county, Byzantine Mystra, Monemvasia (Greece's Rock of Gibraltar), Sparta, Pylos, Kalavrita (rack & pinion railway and skiing in the winter), Ancient Corinth (Korinthos), Acrocorinth, the Corinth Canal & Ancient Nemea (home to the Nemean Games).

The graphic Arcadian villages previously mentioned are well worth visiting especially Dimitsana, Karitaina and Lagadia, as are the caves at Kastria in Achaia and Diros in the Mani region.

You name it the Peloponnese has it to offer, what better base to explore than the beautiful town of Nafplio and Aenaon Rooms.