View from the Palamidi Castle.

Palamidi Nafplio


The famous castle was built on the hill in 1687 by the Venitian and became a staple of the city ever since. It has been used as a fort against incoming threats and as a prison in later times. Go up the 999 steps and admire a unique view of Nafplio and the Argolic Gulf.

Arvanitia Walk

Agios Spyridonas

The church was built during the first Venetian occupation of Nafplio the church suffered great damage during the 2nd Ottoman occupation. This is where the first governor of the free country of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, died from the bullets of the Mavromichales' on September 27th 1831.

Bourtzi Fortress Nafplion

Bourtzi Fortress

Bourtzi is one of the most famous castles in Greece, situated in the middle of Nafplio port it is probably one of the most photographed spots in the town. It was used to protect Nafplion from sea invaders, but was later used as the residence for the executioners.

Nafplio Castle Acronafplia

Acronafplia (Ancient Acropolis)

Acronafplia is the oldest of the castles in Nafplio and is built on the hill opposite Palamidi. It was used during later times as a fort, and an observary and changes were made to the walls by the different occupants of Nafplio.

Nafplio Centre Square

Syntagma Square

The Syntagma Square is one of the most popular locations in the centre of Nafplio. Before the Greek Constitution ('σύνταγμα' syntagma in Greek) was written the square was called "Platanos Square" due to the big plane tree.

Nafplio Old Town Streets

Walk around Nafplio Old Town and see all the different era that the town has gone through. See all the narrow streets and the hanging balconies, a testament to the times and events of the town during the Ottoman or the Venitian rules.

Nafplio Cannons

Five Brothers Cannons

Made by the Franks, the Five Brothers are five identical cannons placed at the far end of the port, right opposite Bourtzi. They were one of the towns first deffences against sea invaders next to the giant chain linking them with the fort of Bourtzi.

Arvanitia Walk

Arvanitia Walk

Go round the "The Walk of Arvanitia" right under the Acronafplia hill. Admire the view of the gulf and reach the town beach of Arvanitia. You could even go further and reachh all the way to Karathona beach.

Bavarian Lion Statue

Bavarian Lion

This beautiful sculpture was a gift commissioned by Ludwig of Bavaria, to commemorate the death of the Bavarian soldiers sent as escorts to his son King Otto and died in a typhoid epidemic that struck Nafplio in 1833 - 1834.

Vouleftiko Old Mosque


Its construction dates back to about 1730, during the Second Turkish Occupation of the city and was built and used as a mosque. It was built with the system of isodomic carved masonry and consists of a square room while it is covered with a large dome.

Karathona Beach Nafplio

Karathona Beach

Karathona is a wide sandy beach about 5 minutes from Nafplio by car. It has a variety of cafes and beach bars to cater to your summer needs and water sports are available.

Nafplio Beach Arvanitia

Arvanitia Beach

Arvanitia is the town beach, favoured by locals due to its close proximity ot the center of town. Ideal for a quick swim and equipped with a beach bar - restaurant.